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Food and Society Grantee Brings Rural ‘Food Deserts’ to Light

Andy Fisher, executive director of the Community Food Security Coalition in Venice, Calif. is quoted in a recent Associated Press story about how rural areas of the country often have few places to shop and the highest prices for necessities. The story, by J.M. Hirsch, describes life in ”food deserts,” increasingly common rural — and sometimes urban — areas where supermarkets with healthy and affordable food are many miles away. According to the article, the majority of U.S. food deserts are rural areas, but researchers say a large number of people also are affected by a relatively small number of urban areas with poor grocery access.

This article originally appeared at: http://www.mcall.com/business/local/all-groceriesjul02,0,3687530.story?coll=all-businesslocal-hed

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