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Collective Heritage Institute/Bioneeers Increases Public Awareness of Food Choices

Collective Heritage Institute/Bioneers is seeing tremendous results in its mission to disseminate environmental solutions and social strategies for restoring the Earth to national and global audiences. In 2003, Bioneers generated more than 20,000,000 print media hits, published Visions for 21st Century Agriculture and produced the “Wisdom at the End of a Hoe” food and farming sampler CD. The CD serves as a valuable tool for other non-profit organizations working to increase public awareness about effective restorative farming practices and the impacts of our food choices. 

The Bioneers Food & Farming Communications & Connectivity initiative aims to bring cohesion and greater effectiveness to those working to sustain strong organic standards and cultivate a truly ecological and socially-just agriculture. Funded in part by a W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant, this initiative increases linkages among farmers, non-profit organizations, journalists, media outlets and concerned citizens by promoting the work of innovative and strategic food and farming projects through an award-winning radio series, publications, Bioneers’ Web site, and multi-media communications tools. By increasing public awareness about key food and farming issues and the solutions that already exist, Bioneers believes that they increase the pressure to accelerate change.

For more information about Bioneers and Collective Heritage Institute, visit their Web site at www.bioneers.org.

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