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A New Model for the Organic Farmers Markets Blooms in Kansas City

K.C. Organics and Natural Market is pleased to announce a new home in Minor Park just south of I-435, and east of Holmes on Red Bridge Road (111th St) in Kansas City.  The new location marks the initiation of a new business model for market manager, Peter Stauffacher, who proposed “an Organic Farmers Market in the Park” to Kansas City, Missouri Park Board Commissioners.  Park Commissioners subsequently approved the proposal with a unanimous vote.  Stauffacher especially appreciates the commissioner’s strong support as the Market begins its new life at the Santa Fe Trail site in Minor Park, after leaving its long established location at Barstow School due to a construction project this summer.
Local growers and natural product artisans will continue to welcome guests in the new location, which is just east of Minor Park Golf Course, 8 am to 12:30 pm every Saturday from June 19th until October 16th.  The trees and meadows of the historic Santa Fe Trail location, with swayles created by the wheels of covered wagons headed out West, make a beautiful and fitting home along the Blue River for the Market’s pioneering, local, organic growers and natural products merchants. The Market’s new location has also attracted new producers to its cohort, which presents locally grown onions, a variety of lettuces, greens, radishes, asparagus, and common fruits and vegetables. Market greens are particularly popular, as they include “micro-greens”, which are a mix of many different kinds of delightful, small, leaf-foods at their freshest, just after the sprouting stage. There are also heirloom tomatoes, sauces, local honey, edible flowers, herbs, grains, preserves, breads, perfect pies, baked goods, including low-carb items, and organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee recognized as some of the area’s best. KC Organics and Natural Market’s producers also offer eggs and natural meats that currently include, but are not limited to, pork and chicken, all free of antibiotics and hormones.
This year the Market is also happy to welcome a natural-stones jewelry designer to its collection of “Eco-Product” artists, who create handcrafted organic soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, oils, bath salts, and a variety of herbal products. Many of these artisans also accept custom orders.
Depending upon availability, live “home grown” music at the Minor Park location will include listening tastes ranging from instrumental to folk, eclectic to modern, classical and even some flamenco guitar.
In keeping with the Market’s traditions, lawn chairs and picnic blankets are welcome under the trees, and plenty of parking is nearby.
Because Stauffacher is also looking at the possibility of a public-private partnership in this new relationship with Kansas City Parks and Recreation that will allow the Market to contribute significantly to the stewardship of the park land, he regards the current “partnership” as yet another transitional phase in the growth of KC Organics and Natural Market’s grassroots economy. In addition to a reprise of previous year’s local chef demonstrations and sampling, the Market’s spacious new environment invites additional community experiences such as, perhaps, a chess series, tai chi and yoga, or other suitable events. Persons interested in managing such projects should call or email Peter Stauffacher at (816)444-FOOD(3663)or kcorganics@yahoo.com with their program ideas.
All farmers offering products at the Market have been certified by a third-party organic certification organization or have been reviewed under the same standards by an advisory committee. These standards for organic certification are more restrictive than the federal minimum standards and do not allow genetically engineered food. The Market’s vendors do not use non-organic herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In addition to growing clean foods, vendors are also encouraged to use environmentally sustainable practices for other farm work and to offer only locally grown produce and farm products. This is a fair-trade market.
For more information about this unique organic farmers market, call or email Peter Stauffacher as indicated above, and please check out their website at: www.kcorganics.com.

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