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Task Force Releases Its Recommendations for Plan to Attract More Supermarkets to Philly

Philadelphia – The Food Marketing Task Force, a group convened by City Council to research the lack of supermarkets in Philadelphia recently released its report, “Stimulating Supermarket Development: A New Day for Philadelphia.”  The report contains ten recommendations to put more supermarkets in Philadelphia.

“Problems like obesity and malnutrition cannot be addressed in our city without better access to healthy foods,” stated Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown whose initiative led to the formation of the Task Force. “Philadelphia residents deserve to have quality supermarkets with an array of affordable, nutritious foods.”

The Task Force seeks to identify neighborhoods with unmet demand for food retail, and clear the path for new supermarket development to create jobs, prevent diet-related disease and contribute to the revitalization of Philadelphia.  It is composed of more than 40 experts from the private, public, and civic sectors representing government, the supermarket industry, and nonprofit groups. Representative Dwight Evans recently announced that ten supermarkets could be opened in Philadelphia over the next five years under a $100 million state plan to bring healthier food to underserved areas.

“We have a real chance to dramatically improve the food landscape for Philadelphians,” said Hannah Burton, program coordinator for The Food Trust, the group that convened the Task Force and produced the report. “Attention Philly shoppers: your days of trying to survive on overpriced, processed foods or driving to suburban supermarkets may soon be over.”

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