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Leadership in Philanthropy Networking Conference, March 1-3, 2004, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek, MI

Inherent in the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Philanthropy and Volunteerism strategic initiative, “Unleashing New Resources,” is the nurturing and connection of philanthropic leaders in communities of color. As an initial step, we seek to advance the mobilization, empowerment, and collaboration of this vital group through our first Leadership in Philanthropy Networking Conference, March 1-3, 2004 at the Foundation.

The conference’s primary purpose is to give participants the opportunity to come together and share experiences, learn from peers, think about leadership development (including their own and that of their colleagues), and actively engage in an assessment of leadership strategies. The ultimate intent is to help strengthen and support their leadership in philanthropy.

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Conference Purpose

Conference Agenda

Brief History of Emerging Funds for Communities of Color Project

Engaging Communities of Color Scanning Report

Expanding the Boundaries Request for Proposal

National Leadership in Action Award — Deadline for nominations passed

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