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East Carroll Cultural Tourism Initiative Hosts Appalshop Digital Storytelling Workshop

The week of March 15-19 was a fun-filled week for participants from various segments of East Carroll Parish, Louisiana.  Appalshop, a multidisciplinary media arts and education center based in Whitesburg, Kentucky provided an intensive week-long, hands-on training, which was funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.  Laura Doggett and Shawn Poynter, consultants for the workshop, provided the group with skills to document the quality of life in the community.

The workshop introduced participants to media equipment such as digital cameras and mini-disk players and provided guidance on how to use them in recording data.  Participants were given training in basic photography and interviewing tips.  Additionally, they were taught digital editing techniques and the basic steps in producing a multi-media video.

The final product was a video that highlights various historical structures and activities in Lake Providence.  The material for the video was obtained from people in the community who granted interviews and consented to be photographed by the participants.

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