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Innovations in Food Systems Education Conference to be held at Washington State University

The Innovations in Food Systems Education Conference will be packed with information and it features a long list of keynote speakers that bring different perspectives on the food system. Some of the keynote speakers include:

  • Patrick Moore (founder of Green Peace and now Greenspirit; describes the need for sound science)

  • Tim Blank (Chief Horticulturist and Manager of Greenhouse Operations of The Land at Epcot)

  • Kate Clancy (Managing Director of the Henry A. Wallace Center for Agricultural and Environmental Policy at Winrock International)

  • Scott Exo (Program Director for Food Alliance, the nation’s leading certifying organization for environmentally friendly and socially responsible agricultural products)

  • John Ikerd (Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics/ University of Missouri, and Co-coordinator of Sustainable Agriculture Programs at the University of Missouri)

  • Fred Kirschenmann (Director of the Leopold Center at Iowa State University)

  • Desmond (Des) O’Rourke (author and head of a consulting firm which helps producers understand and plan for the changing economic and business environment)

  • Joel Salatin (author of books on sustainable approaches; fulltime farmer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley)

  • Michael Shuman (attorney, director of the Green Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank, and president of a for-profit start-up called Bay Friendly Chicken)

Besides these keynote speakers the conference will be filled with posters, panel discussions, and roundtable discussions.

Visit the Web site for more detail and sign up today! (http://foodsystemseducation.wsu.edu/index.html)

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