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World Agricultural Forum Focuses on the Future in Agriculture

“A New Age in Agriculture: Working Together to Create the Future and Disable the Barriers,” is the theme of the 2003 World Congress of the World Agricultural Forum, May 18-20, 2003, in St. Louis, Mo. The Forum, which is convened every other year, assembles an unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise of global agricultural leaders in all disciplines, from academia and industry to government and advocacy organizations. Leaders at the 2003 Congress will identify barriers that exacerbate the gap between rich and poor, north and south, hungry and nourished and challenge participants to create a secure future by identifying possible solutions to these obstacles. Recommendations from the Congress will be submitted to both the World Trade Organization, as preparations are made for the 2003 Mexico Ministerial Meeting, and other international institutions, both governmental and non-governmental. For more information about the World Agriculture Forum and its 2003 World Congress, visit its Web site at www.worldagforum.org.

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