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National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture Releases New Guide to Federal Agriculture Programs

PINE BUSH, NY — As a service to its partners, the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture (National Campaign) is pleased to offer the Federal Sustainable Agriculture Program Primer. This resource compiles basic information on a wide range of the programs and policies that the National Campaign and its partner organizations have helped to conceive, develop, promote and/or get funded over the years.

In a simple, user-friendly format, the Primer provides:

  • a short description of each program

  • who administers it

  • how people can access the program (including application deadlines and criteria for eligibility)

  • how the program is funded

  • the program’s status, including various stages of administrative action (rulemaking, implementation, etc.)

  • where to go for more information

Federal Sustainable Agriculture Program Primer is available at http://www.sustainableagriculture.net/primer.php.

“This is only the beginning,” explains Kathy Lawrence, National Campaign Executive Director. “We’re looking to refine and regularly update this federal program primer, and will be adding more programs in the coming weeks. We’ll also be developing more in-depth fact sheets for selected programs.”

National Campaign Board Member Loni Kemp of Minnesota Project, says, “It is impossible for any individual to stay up to speed on every sustainable agriculture program we care about, but now we have our own on-call expert available around the clock. Just bookmark this page and click it whenever you need to know current information about any program.”

The National Campaign is grateful to FoodRoutes Network, who supported development of this project, and the many partners who contributed ideas, information, editing and fact checking, and who agreed to be listed as resource folks on specific programs.  A complete list of acknowledgements is on our Web site.

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