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Kellogg Grantee Develops Agroecology Initiative

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) are partnering to develop an agroecology initiative. The Wisconsin Food System Partnership, a Food Systems Professions Education (FSPE) grantee, has provided the start-up funds. The agroecology initiative is being created to enhance UW-Madison’s existing strengths in agricultural science, ecology and interdisciplinary analysis of agricultural ecosystems. Two major components of the initiative include the development of three new positions in agroecology being made available through the UW-Madison Cluster Hiring Initiative and, the establishment of an agroecology master’s program. The initiative also will support collaborative projects that encourage UW-Madison’s colleges of specialization, the respective faculty and the students to partner through interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach efforts. Partnerships are currently being developed with three higher education institutions in Europe and two or three universities in the U.S. in agroecology. Collaboration is the cornerstone of UW-Madison’s vision for the future. For more information on the agroecology initiative contact Professor William Bland at 608-262-0221 or wlbland@facstaff.wisc.edu.

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