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“Finding Common Ground” booklet outlines key lessons learned from FDP Project

The booklet Finding Common Ground outlines the key lessons learned from the Funding Diversity Partnership (FDP) project.  That project, funded through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, involved 13 sustainable agriculture non-profit groups from across the country pursuing three goals. The goals were to (1) Develop and enhance working relationships between sustainable agriculture groups, farm commodity and traditional agriculture associations and public institutions; (2) Develop a richer and more diversified funding base for agriculture groups; and (3) Encourage active farmer participation in policy development to increase public and private financial support for sustainable agriculture initiatives. The FDP project was led by the Center for Rural Affairs, Walthill, Neb. This booklet provides insight into how other food systems organizations interested in building partnerships and diversifying support for sustainable agriculture might succeed.

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