Our founder Will Keith Kellogg said “I’ll invest my money in people.” For more than 90 years we have done just that, recognizing local leaders are the key to sustainable change in communities globally.

Leadership is a core tenant of what we call our DNA. Embedded in all that we do are commitments to advancing racial equity and racial healing, to developing leaders and to engaging communities to solve their own problems. These approaches are essential to creating the conditions that propel children to achieve success.

Our current signature leadership program in the United States is the Community Leadership Network (CLN). CLN is offered through our partner at the Center for Creative Leadership and supports local leaders to connect, grow and lead transformational change toward a more equitable society. These leaders come from communities across the U.S. and sovereign tribes, however, we put special emphasis on developing leaders from our priority communities: Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico and New Orleans.

As leaders graduate from CLN, they join the Global Fellows Network (GFN).

The GFN consists of more than 1,100 change agents, thought leaders and influencers associated with signature WKKF leadership programs – past and present.

Managed by the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance until 2020, we transitioned support of this network back to WKKF to strengthen their ability to connect, collaborate and act.

Explore the Global Fellows Network and how to join if you’ve participated in one of our signature programs.

Learn more about how to apply for our current Community Leadership Network program.


Putting Children First

Putting Children First

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