Secure Families

The economic security of families is crucial to creating the optimal conditions through which children can develop, learn and grow. We work alongside communities to help parents and families access promising career pathways, accumulate assets and achieve financial independence and freedom from economic barriers based on race.

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Why This Work Matters

Intergenerational cycles of poverty can be most effectively broken by strengthening two generations - both children and their parents - simultaneously. Children are able to reach their full potential only when all aspects of their development - intellectual, emotional and physical - are fully supported. And only when families have enough income, benefits and supports and when families become free of the profound anxiety that comes with economic and employment insecurity and with disparities based on race, will parents feel fully empowered and equipped to provide that support.

What We Support

To help prepare families to become secure, we support community-based organizations working to dismantle the racial and income barriers that hold families back from financial self-sufficiency. By advancing practices and policies to mobilize voices, resources and solutions, we work to create an environment favorable to the increased economic stability of families.

We invest in efforts that help increase families’ economic and social mobility. We help make connections to financial resources and job skills training, so that families can be debt-free, pay their bills and feel empowered to help their children succeed.

We support families accessing financial resources and services — such as tax credits and educational supports – to help them build the knowledge and skills they need to acquire better-paying, secure jobs and achieve economic stability.

We help families increase their knowledge of proven financial resources and services – banks, savings accounts and tax credits – that help grow family assets and build long-term financial stability.

We help connect employers willing to invest in skills-building and training with those seeking quality jobs that will support their families.

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Mission Driven Investing

WKKF’s mission-driven investments in organizations like Southern Bancorp and NCB Capital Impact are making a difference in the lives of children across the country. See how we are using financial investments as a way to increase social impact aligned with our mission.

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“I want to help those with little or no income… face the future with confidence, with health and with a strong-rooted security....”

- W.K. Kellogg

Putting Children First

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“Empleen el dinero del modo en que crean conveniente, siempre y cuando promueva la salud, la felicidad y el bienestar de los niños.” - Will Keith Kellogg

“Sèvi ak lajan an jan w vle depi se sante timoun, byennèt timoun ak kè kontan pou timoun w ap ankouraje.” - W.K. Kelòg