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Food and Society Grantee to Speak at Forum on Social Responsibility

Sustainability Institute’s Hal Hamilton to speak on Sustainable Food Lab
The nation’s oldest and largest organization of businesses committed to a “dual bottom line” will gather in Burlington Tuesday for their 16th annual spring conference. Members of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility will hear about “Local Strategies in a Global Economy” from the two keynote speakers: Hal Hamilton of Sustainability Institute in Hartland, and Theresa Marquez of Organic Valley Family of Farms in Wisconsin. Both speakers will address the issue of the sustainability of the world’s food systems which are under increasing stress. “There’s a lot of question about whether we can feed 9 billion people … in another 30 or 40 years and keep on doing it more or less forever, the way we’re doing it now,” said Hamilton, a former Kentucky dairy farmer who heads up the Sustainable Food Lab project (www.sustainabilityinstitute.org). The Food Lab is a collaboration of corporations, non-government organizations and the public sector that is attempting to create a new understanding about the future of food systems.

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