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Workshop on Agricultural Policy Links to Farm Households and the Rural Economy

Farm programs have an impact on farm households and farm communities as well as agricultural commodity markets. To address this important policy area, the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy (NCFAP) and the Economic Research Service (ERS) will hold a one-day workshop on May 14 in the Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC to broaden the information base available to decision makers. The aim of the workshop is to go beyond traditional considerations and begin to address farm policy’s intended and unintended consequences for farm households and rural America well in advance of the next farm bill.

To register: fax the registration form by May 7 to (202) 328-5133. For additional information or a registration form, see the ERS web site, or contact Christin Cogley at NCFAP, (202) 328-5117.

See http://www.ers.usda.gov/Emphases/Rural/Workshop/

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