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Leadership Association 2004 Annual Conference Submissions Due Soon

Improving Leadership Around the World: Challenges, Ideas, Innovations The International Leadership Association 2004 Annual Conference November 4-6, 2004 Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC USA Submission
Deadline: April 5th, 2004

As the 21st century unfolds there are myriad examples – ranging from the local to the global- of the need for improved leadership around our world.  Since its founding, the International Leadership Association has fostered the creation of boundary crossing, cutting-edge leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide.  As part of this work, ILA’s annual conference brings together a wide array of people from the academic, public, and private sectors, who present, demonstrate, evaluate, and respond to new ideas, programs, practices, research, and theories about leadership. “Improving Leadership Around the World: Challenges, Ideas, Innovations,” this year’s conference theme, speaks to this commitment and was selected by the program committee to inspire the submission of a wide variety of topics from those eager to explore together the complexities of leadership for three days in Washington, DC. 

The challenges evident throughout the world remind us of the stark reality of an inadequate body of knowledge or discourse on what leadership actions, styles, theories and approaches are best for any given situation.  But, challenges also exist in communicating to one another the ideas generated by leadership scholars and educators, the innovations of leadership professionals and their business partners, and the practices of public servants.  Still, across these borders, and around the globe, recognition that leadership is knowable as a discipline, learnable as a set of skills, teachable as a body of knowledge and practices, and doable as a performance of all of these, continues to rise.

This conference theme is as ambitious as the challenges of leadership are large.  While each submission will approach this theme differently, we invite everyone to consider how their individual program, research, or work can contribute to improving leadership around the world, or around your world as you choose to define it– locally, regionally, nationally, multilaterally, or internationally. 

We welcome submissions from all related disciplines, multiple sectors and professions, and various fields.  Some may choose to create a session which involves scholars, educators, professionals, or students. Others may choose to cross boundaries by involving participants from multiple specialties or various roles.  All submissions are reviewed by one or more of our Global Learning Communities (GLCs) in Applied Leadership, Business Leadership, Leadership Education, Public Service Leadership, and Leadership Scholarship for inclusion in the program. While we encourage the submission of all current work on leadership, extra attention will be given to those submissions that fit into the conference theme.  In particular, the GLCs encourage submissions with the following perspectives: 

*Research in the humanities or social sciences that demonstrates the accumulation of knowledge in leadership or that helps to further define the field; *Research that bridges the gap between leadership scholarship and practice, especially in the national and international political context of Washington, DC; *Research that integrates the study of leadership across two or more disciplines that study the relationship between leaders and followers; *Multi-disciplinary research that discusses leadership in the context of historical figures or social and cultural movements; *Sustaining Leadership; *Leadership for the Common Good; *Effective Leadership in the Public Sector; *Individuals who promote leadership practice or theory to students (of all ages and backgrounds), colleagues, or community members; *Strengthening/Increasing the effectiveness of  leadership education programs; *Leadership Assessment & Evaluation; *Best practices, new ideas, and the integration and application of leadership theory and practice by consultant, trainers, program directors, and other professionals who are reflective practitioners; *International business leadership issues, particularly in a global business environment; *Trends, experiences, and questions in business leadership; *Internationally located leadership scholarship, education, and practices.

ILA welcomes the submission of complete sessions or individual proposals that need to be grouped by ILA with similar submissions.  Historically, the odds of acceptance of a complete session is much higher than for the acceptance of individual submissions, which not only need to pass the test of excellence, but must also fit with other individual papers/presentations to form a session with internal coherence. The ILA offers opportunities for networking toward the formation of a complete session by publishing “works in progress” of members who are seeking additional panel members.  Visit our Web site (see below) to see if your work fits with the work of a current ILA member or to submit your own work in progress.

Submitters may propose an innovative presentation format or you can choose from a wide array of proposal formats, including: Papers, Discussion, Conversation with Author, Workshop, Formal and Informal Roundtables, Poster, and Pre-conference session.  Please note that the Leadership Scholarship GLC only accepts Paper, Panel, Poster, Pre-Conference Session, and Conversation with Author, formats. Furthermore, the Leadership Scholarship GLC accepts papers along both a non-refereed and refereed track.  If you submit under the Scholarship GLC refereed paper track, in addition to using ILA’s online submission form, you must email your complete paper to Terry Price: tprice@richmond.edu , Mark Walker: mcwalker@american.edu  and ILA: ila@academy.umd.edu by the submission deadline of April 5th. The paper should be no more than 4,000 words and should only have identifying information on the cover page, as it will be distributed for blind review.

Additional submission information and a link to the academy’s online submission form are available at:


Submissions are due April 5th and must be submitted via the academy’s online form. ILA welcomes questions at: ILA@academy.umd.edu

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