Old and Young: Learning from each other

Alfonzo White fosters intergenerational dialogue to promote racial healing

Alfonzo White is a big believer in the idea that learning about one’s past can be a powerful way to not only instill confidence and an appreciation for our collective history, but also to shape our future.

As Executive Director of Action Communication and Education Reform (ACER) in Duck Hill, Mississippi, Alfonzo helps run the Intergenerational Dialogue program. The program brings “adults and youth together to share their concerns about current [race] issues…but also for [youth] to hear the struggles of what the older generations went through,” Alfonzo said.

He understands how incorporating young voices into policy conversation around racial equity provides new perspective and can impact the conversation. He observed this after a recent policy convening where ACER brought along a young participant, Leanne. She was the only young person at the table, but “she participated and it changed the whole dynamic,” Alfonzo said. “At the next convening, everybody had young folks at the table.”


Explore WKKF’s new racial equity tool

WKKF has launched racialequityresourceguide.org, a web-based, interactive resource guide.

Racial Equity
April 16, 2014

Putting Children First

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