Poll Response: Norma Flores Lopez, Association of Farmworker Outreach Programs

Norma Flores Lopez, director of the Children in the Fields Campaign at the Association of Farmworker Outreach Programs, talks about the significance of a new nationwide poll commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that shows Americans support a more equitable food system in which children don’t need to be exploited to put food on people’s tables. She goes on to say that we can’t continue to do business as usual, and that leaders in Washington need to do more to ensure that Americans’ values of an equitable food system are reflected in policies and practices.

The nationwide public opinion poll of 800 adults explored the topics of increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, support for doubling SNAP benefits at farmers markets and fair wages for farm workers. Full poll results can be found at http://www.foodandcommunity.org/conference.


Partnership for a Healthier America pauses to celebrate success, plan for greater impact

Participants at this year’s Partnership for a Healthier America Summit spoke of encouraging developments across health and wellness.

Racial Equity
March 21, 2014

Putting Children First

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