Dr. Gail Christopher participates in TEDMED Great Challenges series conversation about the Impact of Poverty on Health

Dr. Gail Christopher recently participated in a live online event for the TEDMED Great Challenges Program, a series of high-profile online discussions around 20 complex challenges in health and medicine. Dr. Christopher addressed the great challenge of “The Impact of Poverty on Health.”

In conjunction with the live event, Dr. Christopher authored, “Should Your Zip Code Determine How Long You Live” for the Huffington Post.

The panel discussion was a live event held on February 14th, streamed on Google+ and TEDMED.com. Panelists for this discussion included Dr. Gail Christopher, vice president of program strategy, W.K. Kellogg Foundation; Gary Slutkin, CureViolence; Robert Atkins, Rutgers University; Sonia Sarkar, Health Leads; and Sandeep Kishore, Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

Watch a replay of TEDMED’s coverage of the live discussion.
TEDMED is the world’s only TED-licensed event focused solely on innovation and breakthrough thinking across all of health and medicine. The TEDMED Great Challenges Program is a series of high-profile online discussions around 20 of the most complex challenges in health and medicine. Each discussion is designed to promote broad interdisciplinary dialogue and innovative thinking. 

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